America’s Turnover Crises

The world population is projected to double by 2050, creating a huge demand for hourly professionals. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates hourly occupations will increase 50% by 2022. That’s five times more than overall job growth. Currently, the turnover rate for hourly workers is about 50%. Approximately 75% of hourly staff has less than a year of on-the-job experience. This not only causes HR headaches, it interferes with the quality of service.

How Software Can Help

Businesses are turning to technology for what most thought was impossible to automate: turnover and retention. Your company can utilize retention software to attract and retain hourly employees through unique incentives and referral. Software like Refered includes employee referral programs, training and leadership development, referral bonus program, stable staff, streamlined workflow, and workplace culture. Our goal is to help you reduce time spent recruiting, interviewing, and training new employees. You can rely on us to show you how to provide reliable, quality service by being able to offer long-term stability for your customers. Loyalty to referrals translates into loyalty for your company.

More About Refered

Refered is the worldwide leader in retention and recruiting software for hourly employees. Our software is an automated bonus platform that streamlines the process for human resource executives and payroll administrators. Our professionals make it easier and more efficient to recruit and retain the greatest people in your organization. We offer a cost-effective, economically sustainable solution that supports your staff so that your company can focus on delivering quality service. Contact us today at 800-604-0360 to schedule a demo.

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