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Take full advantage of our partner, Paychex®, to leverage the strength and expertise of a full HR team for your organization.

Your Company + Paychex + Refered = A Winning Team

You’ve worked hard to get your company where it is today, but keeping track of complex employment laws, employee benefits regulations and payroll administration as your business grows is no small task.

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What’s the Value?

Paychex + Refered: Delivering Real Value

Paychex is one of the most comprehensive Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) in the industry with localized services to back your business where you need it most. Paychex offers cost-effective solutions for your business, which allow you to:

See why hundreds of companies choose Paychex + Refered.

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Specialized HR & Payroll Support

Human Resources Services

You are an expert in your line of work, but are you up to date on ever-changing employment laws, rules and regulations? Paychex is, and will provide you with current updates, changes and best practices to help you manage through this legislative landscape.

Employee Benefits

Losing the best employees to larger companies with a more compelling benefits packages is a challenge that many businesses face. Providing those same benefits can be costly, but Paychex gives you access to increased buying power that enables you to provide benefits that rival those of Fortune 500 companies.

Payroll Services

Paychex has an experienced and efficient Payroll Team that can help relieve you of the burden of processing payroll and many of the tasks associated with it. Paychex also provides general ledger files that allow you to download reports into Excel and most accounting software.

Risk Management Services

There’s a certain amount of risk in any business. To help keep you compliant with the regulations in your industry, Paychex will evaluate any special needs your business might have and recommend an action plan to minimize those risks. In addition, our pay-as-you-go method of billing for workers’ compensation improves your cash flow and helps avoid year-end surprises.

Take full advantage of the expertise and many benefits that Paychex + Refered has to offer.

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