The Value of Working With a PEO

Deploy the power of a full outsourced HR team for a fraction of the cost. 

Add world-class benefits

Paychex can help you design a benefits package that will enable you to compete with Fortune 500 companies for the best employees.

Focus on your core business

Paychex is one of the most comprehensive Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) in the industry with localized services to back your business where you need it most.

Mitigate risk

Paychex helps keep your business in compliance by keeping track of complex employment laws and offer risk management strategies.

See why hundreds of companies choose Paychex for integrated HR, payroll, and PEO services.

Comprehensive HR Solutions

Better HR delivers better business results.

Get personalized guidance to help you meet your business goals with customized solutions to meet your business’s unique needs, size, industry, and culture.

  • Payroll
    Paychex has an experienced and efficient Payroll Team that can help relieve you of the burden of processing payroll and associated tasks.

  • HR Services
    Stay up to date on employment laws, rules and regulations with current updates and best practices.

  • Employee Benefits
    Utilize increased buying power through Paychex to provide benefits that rival those of Fortune 500 companies.

What ROI Can You Expect from a PEO?

According to research by the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations, businesses that work with a PEO can:

Save up to $1,775 per employee per year in HR costs.
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Save an average of 27% on HR-related costs.
Save on average of 30% on expenses related to workers’ compensation.

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Take full advantage of the benefits that Paychex + Refered® has to offer.

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