If you’re committed to building your business, you know that without high-quality employees to carry out your vision, reaching your goals is nearly impossible. Refered’s talent acquisition system is just what your business needs to reach the heights of success you’re aiming for. Here is how we do it:

Streamline Hiring Workflow

Refered’s talent acquisition system helps streamline your hiring workflow by reducing the time spent interviewing and training new staff. This is achieved through pre-vetted referrals from your current employees.

Imagine having a pool of potential candidates who come with a stamp of approval from your trusted team members. It not only speeds up the hiring process but also ensures you’re bringing in candidates who are more likely to fit well with your company culture and job requirements.

Ensure Consistent Staffing

One of the biggest challenges businesses face is maintaining consistent staffing. With Refered’s talent acquisition system, you can provide reliable, quality service by building long-term staff stability and reducing turnover. When your employees are happy and well-matched to their roles, they are more likely to stay, which means your customers can rely on familiar faces and consistent service.

Trending and Proven

Did you know that 88% of employers rate referrals as the best source of applicants? It’s not just a trend; it’s a proven method.

Furthermore, 45% of referral hires stay for 4 or more years, compared to only 25% of hires from other sources. These statistics highlight the effectiveness of a referral-based talent acquisition system in not only finding great employees but also retaining them long-term.

Improve Workplace Culture

A strong workplace culture is vital for any business aiming for success. Refered’s talent acquisition system fosters a positive environment by bringing in employees who are likely to fit well with the existing team. Loyalty to referrals translates into loyalty to your company. People enjoy working with colleagues they like and respect, which can lead to a more collaborative, productive, and happy workplace.

Ready to grow your business by making use of a proven talent acquisition system? Contact Refered to try our platform for free today, or watch a demo for a complete overview of what you can expect.

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Does your organization have trouble retaining employees?

Learn how Refered can help you reduce turnover rate by an average of 22%.

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Learn how Refered can help you reduce turnover rate by an average of 22%.