Streamlining your hiring management process means working with software-makers who are HR professionals. You need expert staff who will make it easier and more efficient to recruit and retain dedicated employees. Refered‘s automated bonus-based recruitment and employee retention strategies will streamline the recruitment and payment process for human resource executives and payroll administrators. Our software helps your business by organizing training and leadership development, and building development of workplace culture.

Super Easy App-Enabled Platform for your Employees

As part of our employee engagement strategies, we offer web and super easy app-enabled platform for your employees to see how much they have earned and continue to earn by referring their friends, family, and associates. People love to work with great people and they will love to help build the corporate culture every business strives for. Refered will allow your organization to offer a benefits solution outside of ever-changing and costly health insurance options. Grow your workforce through referrals and employee incentives!

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If you’re exited to work with a worldwide leader in retention and recruiting software for hourly employees, look for Refered, located at 515 E. Grant St. Suite 150, Phoenix. Our commitment is to lower the cost of employee acquisition and retention, create an incentive-based program to hire, reward the best employees,  leverage technology to streamline the old HR nightmare, and to make it fun and rewarding for employees to easily refer friends to quality employers. Call 800-604-0360 to schedule a demo, or complete the form.

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