The Value of Working with a Talent Assessment Company

Recruiting and hiring tools to help you find the best possible candidate quickly and efficiently.

Discover hidden talent

Learn your candidate’s strengths and uncover skill sets that complement your current team.

Eliminate the wrong candidates

Eliminate the wrong candidates long before the interview process begins.

Select the best match

Quickly discover which applicants are likely to be a great match for your corporate culture.

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Comprehensive Hiring Assessments

Hiring assessments to facilitate better hiring decisions.

Trusted by HR managers, small businesses, C-suite executives, hiring managers, and candidates, our tools will save you time and missteps, from recruiting through performance management.

  • Identify candidates who will love their jobs.
    Our personality assessment tests are a quick way to figure out what candidate will suit best each job you have to offer.

  • Hire the most intelligent talent.
    With our cognitive & aptitude tests, predict job performance and identify employees with strong problem-solving and decision-making skills.

  • Evaluate hard skills.
    Skills assessment tests reveal if your candidates’ skills are up-do-date and on par with the job requirements.

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Expedite and facilitate your hiring process with The Hire Talent + Refered®.