Money matters, but it is not the only reason why people quit. According to Career Builder, just 12% of the people say that the size of the paycheck is the reason they leave their job. The rest of employee turnover is due to company culture, poor management, and a lack of opportunity for growth.

Employee benefits programs, including referral programs, are a way to keep your best employees engaged and to attract new talent that will help your business grow. Here are three ways to increase the use of your employee referral program:

1. Promote the Referral Program Well

Your employee referral program will not work if your employees do not know about it. Staff should know about all employee benefits programs they qualify for. Start holding informational sessions, sending out email blasts, and posting about the program on your company’s intranet or website. You can also offer incentives for employees who participate in the program, such as gift cards or extra vacation days.

2. Keep the Process Simple

No one wants to jump through hoops, so make sure the process for referring candidates is simple and easy to follow. The easier you make it for your employees, the more likely they are to participate in the program. Provide them with everything they need to get started, such as a list of open positions and the criteria you are looking for in candidates. You can also create an online portal where employees can submit referrals with just a few clicks.

3. Make It Personal

Your employee referral program should be about more than just finding candidates for open positions. It should also be about building relationships between your employees and the candidates they refer. Encourage your employees to reach out to their referrals and provide them with information about your company and the open position. This personal touch will make your employee referral program more successful. It may even help you attract top talent that you otherwise would not have found.

Employee benefits programs are a great way to keep your best employees engaged and promote employee retention. By making a few simple changes to your employee referral program, you can attract even more top talent to your company. Give us a call today for more information on employee benefits programs!

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