A workplace is often defined by its results, and far too often managers can overlook the individual people that make a business thrive. When you are considering different ways to drive results in your company – your culture, dynamics, and workplace organization are some of the most important factors to analyze. According to Gallup, an employee is 59% less likely to leave a job in 12 months if they are actively engaged at work. Following these numbers further, it is clear that individual recognition is a key factor in keeping your employees engaged in the office. In this blog post, we will dive into three key ways that individual recognition can drive up employee engagement.


1. Focusing on a Positive Work Culture

When you want to foster a positive business, it all starts with having positive people. A thriving culture consists of driven employees who love what they do. A great start to building a culture you can be proud of is to enact employee referral programs, employee benefits programs, and quality employee recruiting programs. Each of these programs has a key part to play in the hiring, retention, and growth of each employee on your team.


2. Strengthening Team Dynamics

When you start with organized employee referral programs, you encourage your employees to refer their friends to work for your business. When you use existing friendships and connections to foster a positive work environment, you will be surprised at how the tone of your employees’ conversations will change. Employee referral programs create teams, and a strongly developed team is essential to businesses of every kind.


3. Playing to Individual Workers’ Talents

A huge part of keeping your employees engaged at work is to show them the individual recognition they deserve. Your employee retention program should put an emphasis on catering to each workers’ strengths. When there is no room for recognition or special projects in your business, you will often find that your employees feel inclined to find somewhere that will challenge them more and push them to grow their talents. Incorporate talent recognition into your employee retention program and try to use the talents you have on your team.

 While there are many stepping stones to creating excellent employee engagement in your business, one of the first goals you should have is to increase your employee recognition. Incorporate rewarding employee referral programs, foster teamwork, and, most of all, remember that your business is made up of people, not numbers. If you are looking for help in growing your employee retention, reach out to Refered today!


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Learn how Refered can help you reduce turnover rate by an average of 22%.