Employee referrals revolutionize the way businesses hire. By encouraging your employees to refer a friend for your newest job opening, everyone involved benefits immensely. From cost savings for your business to increased satisfaction for your employees and a warm welcome for new hires, everyone wins! Let’s explore how this works in detail, and how Refered can help.

Win For Your Business

When employees refer a friend, your business saves money by skipping many of the costly expenses of the hiring process. Starting from scratch for your job opening can be expensive, involving recruitment agencies, job board postings, and extensive interview processes. In contrast, referrals eliminate much of the hassle, reducing costs significantly. Even better, referred candidates have a higher retention rate, meaning not only is it better for your business up front, you’ll also benefit in the long-term.

But it’s not just about saving money. Allowing your employees to refer a friend means you’re likely to bring in someone who already fits well within your company culture. They’re pre-approved by your current team, which ensures better synergy and commitment. This leads to enhanced teamwork and productivity.

Win For Your Employee

With Refered, your employees receive tangible benefits for referring friends. Incentives based on the referred employee’s hours worked provide a direct reward for their effort, and encourage them to think hard before recommending someone.

Additionally, working with someone they know and trust can significantly boost your employees’ morale. It creates a more comfortable and enjoyable work culture. Employees feel good about contributing to the growth of the company and referring a friend to a job, leading to increased job satisfaction and loyalty.

Win For Your Newest Hire

The new hire that was referred by their friend also benefits. Joining a new company can be intimidating, and can lead to lower productivity while they get their bearings, but having a friend from Day 1 can make the transition smoother. They get to join a team that actively wanted them, not just for their professional skills, but for their personality and values.

Encouraging your team to refer a friend is a great strategy for any business. It saves money, enhances team dynamics, and creates a supportive and engaging work environment. Refered makes this process a breeze, by providing a platform that makes it easy to refer a friend and see how your employees will benefit. By leveraging referrals, your business can grow sustainably, retain top talent, and maintain a positive and productive workplace culture.

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Learn how Refered can help you reduce turnover rate by an average of 22%.