If you are struggling with employee retention, Refered could your ultimate solution. Our platform is the ultimate counter for businesses that are unable to keep their employees long term, and using our top three strategies to retain employees can quickly cause company culture to change for the better.

1. Employee Referral Bonuses

Foster a culture of collaboration by offering bonuses for employee referrals. Picture John, your stellar employee, recommending Jane. Empowered by John’s mentorship, Jane not only thrives but also refers Jill. Refered’s robust platform enhances your referral program, creating trusted relationships that form an ongoing cycle of recommendations within your team.

2. Scalable Bonus Plans for Sustainable Growth

Supercharge your retention efforts with Refered’s scalable bonus plans. Equip your HR department with user-friendly tools to track hours, report vital metrics, and more. Refered empowers you to customize bonus structures, aligning with your budget and organizational goals. This strategic investment pays off in savings on retention and training costs, fostering staff loyalty, and nurturing a culture of growth.

3. Complete Reporting Metrics for Performance Recognition

Empower your organization with Refered’s reporting metrics. Recognize top performers weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Track total bonuses paid across various timelines and measure individual employee bonuses. Dive into detailed records of hours worked by connections, enabling precise performance evaluation by week, month, quarter, year, or custom date range. Make sure to utilize this information and show how much you value the effort of your top performers, encouraging them to continue to do their best work.

As you embrace Refered’s calculated approach to employee retention, you’ll be able to watch your organization thrive in an atmosphere of collaboration, growth, and lasting success. Contact Refered for more information on how our platform can help your business today.

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