While there isn’t data on the exact percentage and statistics of landscaper turnover rates, landscaping company owners agree that keeping a consistent number of employees on their crew can be difficult. Landscaping is a labor-intensive job and often doesn’t have high pay. However, there are still strategies employers can implement to hire and keep their landscapers effectively.

Landscaper Recruiting Tips

Industry Associations

Potential employees will be more attracted to your company if you’re a member of a local or national landscape association. And it actually may be through that association that professional landscapers find your business.

Trade Schools

More and more schools dedicated to the art and science of professional landscaping are popping up, which means there are more fresh graduates looking for work and who already have the qualifications and training you need.

High Schools

Ask the average high school student what they think landscapers do and you’ll get a variety of answers. For the most part though, you’ll find that high school students won’t speak of landscaping highly. Through speaking sessions, you can change that and interest them in the career.


Don’t just recruit when you’re busy. Recruiting all year round will save you stress when you’re trying to fill in roles when it does get busy. Even if you currently don’t need any additional landscapers on your crew, it’s wise to always be looking at candidates.

Landscaper Retainment Tips


Regardless of the employee’s background, it’s essential that your company has proper training sessions for new hires. Your landscapers are much more likely to quit if they are reprimanded for a policy they weren’t aware your company followed.


While landscaping is labor-intensive, 2020 has offered landscape company owners a plethora of tools and technology to make the work easier. The technology you aren’t using is what your competitor is, and that’s where your employees will flock to.


Landscaping doesn’t have to have a slow season. The more services your company offers, like snow clearing and Christmas light installation, the less temptation there will be for your landscapers to try to find other work during slow months.

Retention Software

One tool many small business owners are implementing into their company is employee retention software, Refered. Refered gives your hourly employees monetary incentives for referring qualified employees to your company and for staying with your company. Contact us for a free demo today.

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Learn how Refered can help you reduce turnover rate by an average of 22%.