Starting a new job can be stressful, both for the employee and the employer. This stress, however, can be eliminated with proper onboarding.

Teach Them Daily Operations

New employees often feel overwhelmed by the day-to-day of a new job. Small situations like using the company’s time management software can be stress-inducing. Your new hire can waste valuable time during their first few weeks on the job by trying to desperately learn what’s second-nature to your other employees.

Make sure they understand the daily operations of your company. Every task from punching in to saving and finding files in the correct folders should be explained within the first day. You’ll be surprised how many employees are too embarrassed to ask questions and waste time trying to figure problems out themselves.

Introduce Company Culture

It’s awkward when a new employee feels left out. Ensure that your new hires are always in the loop and never in the dark about your company’s culture and traditions. If you know that your team grabs Chinese food for lunch every Thursday, be sure your new employee knows that. Missing out on “insider” company activities can lead to your new hires feeling friendless, which only makes it harder for them to ask questions when they need help.

Clearly Define Expectations

New hires feel awful when they make a mistake within their first few weeks of work. They know how much pressure there is to look good and give a great first impression when they first start a new job. Often though, new hires will make mistakes not because they’re bad workers, but because they haven’t been given clear expectations on what your company defines as good work.

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