In 2017, it was reported that caregiver turnover rate was at an astonishing 65.7%. But why is this rate so high? And what can home care agencies do to fight it? Read our article and part 1 to find out!


If your employee has a complaint, listen. Proving to your employees that you care can do wonders for your turnover rate. Actively show them that their concerns are being examined by documenting issues they bring up with clients or co-workers and following up with them. Act when a caregiver reports harassment from a client, even if it means losing the client. Your employee will see how valuable they are to the agency and be less reluctant to quit.


Adequate training is more than just a certificate. Caregivers need to feel as prepared as possible before serving their first client. Never let your employee feel they don’t have a say in the matter or else they’ll lose their job. Once they believe that, they’ll be out the door.

Career Growth/Promotions

We’ve all heard it— “I just wasn’t going anywhere.” Your employees should have six-month, one-year, and three-year plans to start. They should be seeing their co-workers receive recognition for outstanding work. They should have raises and positions to look forward to.


Many caregivers report leaving because they were not eligible for any health benefits. Ensure your caregivers are making at least minimum wage, have vacation time, and have sick days.

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