Many of the biggest names on the planet claim they owe their success to mentorship. Mark Zuckerberg had Steve Jobs as a mentor, Bill Gates had Warren Buffet, and so on. But interestingly enough, mentoring someone else can also be a valuable asset to your career. Here’s how you should take on being someone else’s mentor.

Become a Better Leader

As a mentor, you’ll need to be objective. You must also have an open mind and the ability to ask questions. As a coach, you’ll need to find a way to make your mentee understand their strong and weak points, what they could have done better, and what aspect of their performance they nailed. While you may help them improve their skills at work, they’re also helping you become a better leader.

Remove Barriers at Work

In many companies, competition reigns and that often makes for a cutthroat environment. But in a good mentorship, people have no conflict of interest. A good mentor inspires trust and confidence. In workplaces where people come in and eye other employees with distrust or assume the worst, friction and conflict often arises. A good mentorship, though, does away with those problems. By mentoring people and earning their trust, you’re not just helping someone achieve growth and success, you’re also building a lasting relationship, one that can benefit you both professionally and personally in the long run.

Improve Your People Skills

When you’re focused on your own growth, you might be improving your core talents but leaving behind your people skills. People skills matter a lot. If you have a poor way of relating to your coworkers or colleagues, mentoring can help you improve those skills. It can teach you how to relate to other people more– what to say, how to be more considerate, etc. These skills improve your personal growth, which is often as important as improving your core skills.

Programs that Help

With the right retainment software, reaching out to your employees is now easier. Shop around until you find a reputable employee referral software to help you. Look for a communication platform that’s designed to encourage mentoring and coaching. Choosing the right one will make retaining the best people in your organization a lot less of a challenge.

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