When IKEA, the world’s largest furniture retailer, began expanding in Australia, they knew their new stores would need employees as soon as possible. Their recruiting campaign was much more creative than buying job listing space on recruiting websites. They sent job applications directly to their consumers.

IKEA decided to create “career assembly instructions,” a clever way to get potential employees to apply. And rather than spending money on mailing these instructions out, IKEA decided to place these applications in their furniture flat packages. Meaning consumers would find IKEA applications in furniture packages they purchased and were either picking up or having mailed to themselves.

Why This is Genius

IKEA’s recruiting strategy didn’t just save the Swedish furniture retailer media and postage capital. It also helped them find quality candidates. How? Because one of the most important traits to look for in a retail professional is not experience or skills—it’s passion.

By inserting applications in furniture packages, IKEA was recruiting from their own pool of fans. They were reaching out to consumers who already believed in their products, which is what shoppers need to see in employees. IKEA didn’t make the foolish assumption that only individuals scouring the web for recruiting sites are looking for work, or that all people spending money on furniture must not need a job. By taking the risk of getting their applications in the hands of folks who may not necessarily be looking for a job, they were able to find 4,285 quality applicants and recruit 280 employees.

What Your Company Can Do

Another aspect of IKEA’s recruiting strategy was referrals. Those who weren’t interested in the application they received could easily tell their friends and family about it, and most likely we’re going to whether or not their loved ones needed a job—it’s a unique thing to appear in your furniture package!

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