The food service industry has one of the highest turnover rates at an incredible 72.9%. Let’s break down why, who, and how to stop it.

Who’s Quitting?

Turnover Rates

  • Counter Service/Cashier: 36%
  • Bussers, Dishwashers, and Runners: 34%
  • Other (catering staff, sommeliers, etc.): 32%
  • Bar Staff: 25%
  • Managers: 23%

Why Are They Quitting?

Food service employees mostly consist of seasonal employees and a young workforce that are typically working to get through school. It’s also important to keep in mind that food service jobs have a low wage. These jobs aren’t meant to be lived on and support a family with, which is why 31% of the restaurant workforce is part-time. Trying to keep turnover at a low rate is still important for owners and employers considering turnover costs approximately $5,864 per person.

How to Stop Turnover

Resolve Conflicts

Because food service jobs are often temporary to employees, employees don’t see many reasons to stick around. Therefore, they’re more willing to leave when they run into an inconvenience, like a co-worker they don’t get along with. You can resolve conflicts and give employees less reasons to quit with a strong and clear employee handbook.

Provide Advancement Opportunities

Another reason an employee may be tempted to quit is if they don’t believe their workplace needs them and that they can be easily replaced. If they don’t see any workplace opportunities for them, they don’t feel like they’ll miss out if they leave. That’s why it’s important to implement career advancement opportunities your employees can clearly see and aim more, lengthening their employment with you.

Use Referral Software

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