Seasonal employees may be temporary, but the impact and interactions they have with customers isn’t. In fact, the holidays may be the first time a customer frequents your business and the seasonal employee they interact with will be their first, and possibly last, impression of your business.

Hiring seasonal workers should not be a rushed decision to ensure the bare minimum is done. Not only can seasonal staff help make the holiday transition easy, but they even increase your business during this time.

Hire Early

Hiring right before busier seasons is a bad idea. Try to recruit seasonal employees early so your decisions aren’t rushed. The more time you allow yourself to take, the more you can ensure your hiring decision is a great fit for your company.

Edit Job Postings

Make sure you have job-postings year round for seasonal work. Be sure to use keywords like “seasonal hiring” or “temporary employment.” This is useful for job-hunters specifically looking for seasonal work in the future.

Post Everywhere

Recruiting seasonal employees through your website is a good idea, but it’s important to consider professional job posting websites and social media outlets. This is to ensure you don’t desperately hire the one person that applied.

Hire Returning Employees

One of the best practices your company can implement is re-hiring seasonal employees. The convenience is not having to train them and already knowing what they’re like to work with. That’s why it’s important to keep former seasonal employees’ information on file and to talk to them about leaving room in their calendar to come back next year.

Use Recruitment Software

Refered is a recruitment and retention software for hourly employees – the perfect solution for employers looking for seasonal workers. Refered works by giving your employees incentives for remaining with your company, recommending qualified candidates to work for you, and recommending candidates that get hired. Contact us today to request a free demo.

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