It’s not uncommon to stumble upon memes like the ones above these days. Recent graduates and young people (20s-30s) are finding it increasingly difficult to land jobs based on experience they’ve yet to attain. It’s a frustrating cycle. People can’t find work because they lack experience, and they lack experience because they can’t find work.

What job seekers aren’t seeing, however, is that these unreasonable requirements are beginning to hurt companies as well. More and more employers are turning to recruitment agencies because they are unable to find adequate candidates. This is hurting the workforce and economy as a well.

Companies are changing their ways, for their sake and job seekers. Reports show that nearly 40% of companies have changed their job requirements to fill vacant roles.

Changes in Requirements

Companies surveyed said they have become more flexible when it comes to the following:

Lowering years of experience 62%
Speeding up the hiring process 52%
Reducing education requirements 50%
Stopping drug testing candidates 21%
Stopping background checks 16%

Lowering years of experience comes as the most exciting news for job seekers who, as mentioned, are getting rejected from jobs left and right for this reason. 78% of companies say they will now consider candidates with transferable skills that can be tailored to their work through on-the-job training. 85% of HR managers report companies are willing to hire an employee whose skills do not match the job description exactly. Despite the memes, 62% of candidates say they’ve landed offers for jobs they felt under-qualified for.

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