The turnover rate for telemarketing is anywhere between 30%-45%. For comparison, the national average for all industries is 15%. Telemarking is an emotionally tolling job. Employees often face verbal abuse from those they’re calling, and those who are also making commission feel even more added pressure.

Here are 3 ways you can stop your telemarketing employees from quitting.

  1. Recognition

Telemarketers face a lot of name-calling, and even profanity. It’s can severely damage their self-esteem, especially when they’re enduring it daily. It makes employees reluctant and anxious to go to work the next day if they know what they’re facing at the other end of the line. It’s important that they have something positive to look forward to, despite all of the angry people on the phone. Having a recognition program to highlight and celebrate your employees’ achievements can be what makes all of the yelling and cursing on the phone worth it.

  1. Advocacy

It’s important to ask your employees what they need to make their job easier and to do what you can to make that happen. For instance, are there technological tools your employees could use? Be sure to ask your employees before you begin to implement tools that may actually hinder their job performance instead of enhancing it.

  1. Input

When changes are beginning to happen in your company, it’s vital to loop your employees in. What’s even more important is discussing these changes with your employees before they happen. Your employees will feel valuable which is significant in a job like telemarketing. Telemarketers can often feel like they’re just another number so it’s easy to understand why they don’t feel any incentive to stay. If anyone has insight on how to better your company, it’s your employees. You can also use incentive-driven employee retention software like Refered. Contact us for a free demo today.

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