Security guards, or bouncers, are needed in different industries, from banks to music venues. Their turnover rate is estimated to be between 100-300%, and most leave their job within four months to a year. Employers working in the night life and high security industries are constantly hiring security guards. Here are 3 tips to make it easier.

Know What You Need

Not all security guards are alike. Doormen, for instance, collect tickets, check IDs, and keep the crowed inside manageable. Floor men, on the other hand, keep crowds from getting violent. They look out for any inappropriate behavior and know when to get the police involved. Security guards are there to create a general sense of safety and watch out for any suspicious activity.

Explain Do’s and Don’ts

Blockbuster scenes of drunks getting flung out of bars are inaccurate and can get your establishment in legal trouble if your bouncer doesn’t understand the difference between film and real life. In real life, a security guard using physical action to restrain or remove someone from the premises is not legal. When dealing with a customer who could potentially bring harm to themselves or others, the security guard’s job is to call the police. Guards can only use force or restraint in self-defense.

Think Past Muscle

If you’ve had good security guards before, you’ll know that brains trump brawn. A security guard’s goal is stopping an altercation before it happens. Rather than depending on their muscles, ask them during the interview how they would handle common situations you see at your establishment. Sometimes a stern look or a simple tap on the shoulder can give a message loud and clear.

Keeping Security Guards

Preparing for your guard to leave is wise, but implementing solutions to retain them is wiser. Retention software like Refered can help you fight security guard turnover through incentivized referrals. Contact us today and learn more.

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